This free event takes place at Bar Laika (224 Greene Ave, Brooklyn).

Each edition of Art of the Real features a selection of Spotlights that take a closer look at a range of practices in experimental documentary. This year, we collaborate with e-flux Bar Laika to present two spotlight events with the artist and filmmaker Eric Baudelaire and the scholar and critic Erika Balsom.

Eric Baudelaire’s films are research-driven, playful, experimental works that traverse aesthetic approaches—from landscape film to para-drama to essay. Frequently these projects are initiated by a dialogue or improvised set of rules developed between the artist and a collaborator. With works spanning the past decade—including selections from [SIC] (2009), The Makes (2010), Letters to Max (2014), and the work-in-progress A Dramatic Film, the result of a four-year collaboration with a group of Paris Banlieue middle-schoolers—this program engages with the artist’s process of “protocol” and its profound and original results.

Eric Baudelaire is a visual artist and filmmaker whose films include The Anabasis of May and Fusako Shigenobu, Masao Adachi, and 27 Years Without Images (2011), Letters to Max (2014), and Also Known as Jihadi (2017). His work is included in the collections of the Centre Pompidou in Paris, MoMA, and the Whitney Museum of American Art. He is a nominee for the 2019 Prix Marcel Duchamp.