New York Premiere! Producer Ada Solomon in person!

Every little thing Marius (Șerban Pavlu) does is meant to serve one purpose only: to make the intended trip to the seaside with his daughter Sofia come true. Little by little and despite his attempts to face the ever mounting trouble, Marius loses battle after battle—with his parents, his ex mother-in-law, his ex wife Otilia (Mihaela Sîrbu) and her new partner. In the end, the balance of power is tilted and all cards are laid on the table. Director Radu Jude (The Happiest Girl in the World, A Film for Friends) expands on the theme explored in his 2007 short Alexandra in this bitterly ironic and intelligently choreographed drama; Marius’ erratic movements beautifully illustrate his state of confusion. He turns from victim to aggressor, and the scene of this sudden transition displays both raw energy and directorial mastery. Everything happens in the name of the family, which is exactly the thing that, to everybody, seems to matter the least.