“Judy Garland of the rhythm, writin’, ‘rithmetic age is a superb vocal technician”—The New York Times.

Of all of Garland’s pre-Oz films, Everybody Sing gives her the most screen time: a pivotal role and six songs, including a rousing “Down on Melody Farm” and a comic routine with Fanny Brice in her legendary guise of “Baby Snooks.”

It’s a silly but happily effective mélange of screwball comedy and backstage shenanigans. Brice, “Good Witch Glinda” Billie Burke, Reginald Owen, and Reginald Gardiner are manic, mindless, and over-the-top as wacky theatricals. (The original working title—and several script references to Judy as—The Ugly Duckling must have done wonders for her self-image.)