The latest breathtaking outing from genius screenwriters Alan Mak and Felix Chong (Infernal Affairs) is an all-out action-packed assault. Policeman Lin Kai (Huang Xuan) goes undercover to bring down the Twin Eagles drug cartel. While he thwarts opponents at every turn while keeping his façade intact, the stakes are raised when he is inextricably entwined with psychopathic head honcho Eagle (Duan Yihong) himself, leading to a harrowing journey of forced drug addiction and time bomb pyrotechnics. The ensuing action and suspense are out of this world, taking the basic paradigm of Jonnie To’s full-throttle Drug War and turbo charging it with a nod to the Mission: Impossible  franchise. Extraordinary Mission is contemporary Chinese cinema’s response to the classic hyperbolic HK movies that changed genre filmmaking forever.

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