After her husband leaves for an extended business trip and her mother dies, a coolly detached, bourgeois housewife (Hanna Dunowska) embarks on an outré carnal odyssey in search of sexual fulfillment, leading her into increasingly deranged, sinister realms as memories from her childhood mingle with fever-dream seductions. Equal parts coming-of-age nightmare, softcore satire, and surrealist cantata, Szulkin’s delirious erotic fantasia unfurls in a nonstop rush of indelibly uncanny images—from a free-floating apparition of a lusty Joseph Stalin to a pair of shockingly randy puppets—as it savages religion, the state, and the idea of the nuclear family.

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New digital restoration
Working Women / Kobiety pracujace
Poland, 1978, 6m
U.S. Premiere
Stylized with dramatic interiors and a distorted frame rate, this early documentary miniature from Szulkin depicts six sequences of solitary, repetitious labor.