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According to Hoberman, “First Blood turned the assumptions of the returning vet films inside out . . . Rambo is everything: super-grunt, Green Beret, hippie protester, VC guerrilla, righteous outlaw, Hollywood Freedom Fight, total violence, the War itself. First Blood was a manifestation of the nation’s unresolved Vietnam trauma.” Fresh off his ascent to superstardom with the first two Rocky films, Sylvester Stallone stars in this franchise-launching action thriller as Vietnam vet John Rambo, who travels to Washington state to visit an old war buddy—who, it turns out, has died from cancer caused by exposure to Agent Orange. But the trip takes a turn for the ultraviolent when the sadistic local authorities decide to make an example of the wayward commando, and Rambo finds himself with no choice but to put his combat skills to use in taking down these bad actors with badges. 

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