Make it a double feature with Get Him to the Greek and save!

Between her stints as Veronica Mars and Princess Anna of Arendelle, Kristen Bell gave rise to Sarah Marshall, star of TV’s Crime Scene: Scene of the Crime. When she ends her five-year relationship with Peter (Jason Segel), who writes “mood music” for her show, the shattered composer hopes a trip to Hawaii will help him to move on with his life. As luck would have it, he winds up in the same hotel as Sarah and her new rock-star squeeze, Aldous Snow (Russell Brand, in the role that put the Brit comic on the international map). Nicholas Stoller, a writer for producer Apatow’s cult series Undeclared, directs Segel’s riotous script, which culls from personal experience—including his lifelong dream to stage a Dracula-themed puppet musical. Mila Kunis radiates charisma as the hotel concierge who takes a fancy to Peter.