The sleepy brainchild of Warren Hildebrand, Foxes in Fiction has all the bleary aura of bedroom shoegaze but with more heart and more groove. On recordings, his voice is audible—soft, lovely, and distinguishable—and the rhythms, often marked by an extra-jangly tambourine, are easy to tap one’s toes to. Hildebrand’s guitar seems to unfurl in the wind and his songs are patient and sometimes kissed by a violin melody.

In addition to writing and performing music, Hildebrand manages Orchid Tapes, a record label dedicated to releasing the work of “family and friends since 2010.” It is what you might call a boutique label, specializing in somewhat limited runs of beautiful objects by such beloved acts as Alex G, Elvis Depressedly, and Ricky Eat Acid.

Deftly combining analog photography, found photos, old television sets, Tumblr, slow-motion iPhone video, scent diffusers, and the hum of laptops in the night air, Hildebrand and Orchid Tapes generally maintain a striking visual presence. Foxes in Fiction often performs with live visuals to accompany their songs, and Hildebrand will be showcasing new songs and video work in our Amphitheater.

Explore the connections between music and film with this series of intimate concerts featuring live music and original video work. The concerts range widely—from moody ambient atmospheres to dynamic percussion trios to spiky improvised electric guitar—but each show represents something truly out of the ordinary. Sound + Vision Live is an exploration of sound and image: what it means to watch something; the myriad ways in which performance, film, and video art intersect and enrich one another; and how sound and light interact with each other within a space.