U.S. Premiere

Director Derek Kwok loves his losers, whether it’s the geriatric martial-arts masters of Gallants or the hapless demon hunter of Stephen Chow’s Journey to the West. Here he turns his attention to… badminton—and transforms it into a martial art. Former ’90s pop-star Ekin Cheng plays one of three crooks fresh out of prison and desperate to start new lives. Josie Ho plays the washed-up badminton champion who agrees to be their Yoda. Full of berserk camerawork, crazed performances, meteors shaped like shuttlecocks, and a go-for-broke, anything-for-the-joke attitude, this is a scorched earth comedy that leaves the screen in tatters and keeps going until the last racquet explodes.

Presented with the support of Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office New York.