Make it a double feature with Forgetting Sarah Marshall and save!

Stoller’s Apatow-produced sequel to Forgetting Sarah Marshall finds Russell Brand reprising his role as ridiculous English rocker Aldous Snow, who has hit rock bottom following a breakup with model/singer Jackie Q (Rose Byrne) and the calamitous reception of his record African Child. The head of Aldous’s record label, Sergio (Sean Combs, a revelation), tasks hapless A&R man Aaron (Jonah Hill), reeling from what seems to be the end of his relationship with med-student girlfriend Daphne (Elisabeth Moss), with retrieving an out-of-it Aldous from London and delivering him to the Greek Theatre in L.A. for a potentially career-revitalizing performance. Suffice it to say, numerous complications (and just as many music-industry cameos) arise to insure a chaotic, hilarious journey for this odd couple. This sorely underrated farce, as with all films and television shows associated with Apatow, has some sneakily profound things to say about friendship, loyalty, and figuring out what one wants from life.