In some dystopian future, scientists attempt to create a new, pliable race of humans. A seemingly ordinary product of the effort, the genetically engineered Pernat (Marek Walczewski) is subject to round-the-clock monitoring as he goes about his life amidst drab Soviet bloc architecture. Szulkin’s bold feature debut, styled in sepia tones and dramatic lighting, has been called a precursor to Blade Runner, but its title also looks back to a more ancient myth of creation and morality.

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New digital restoration
The Gal and the Fiend / Dziewce z ciortem
Poland, 1976, 14m
Polish with English subtitles
U.S. Premiere
Szulkin stages a morality play about a sinful woman’s encounter with the devil, set to the Polish ballad of the same name and imbued with folkloric imagery.