Masatoshi Nagase stars as the enigmatic Kanzaki, who strolls into a somber little town carrying a mad-scientist-like electronic helmet. He invites an elderly shopkeeper to try the machine, which awakens in her a long forgotten memory of unmatched happiness, and cures her of the melancholy she’s endured for years. Soon folks are lining up to try out this magical invention. However, it is unclear why Kanzaki is doing this. Eventually it emerges that he has a dark and very personal agenda. Veteran cinematic innovator Sabu weaves an ethereal meditation on emotion, memory, loss and revenge. While reminiscent at times of works by his fellow countrymen Hirokazu Kore-eda and Kiyoshi Kurosawa, this tale is wholly original and provocatively strange, illuminating the suppressed emotions and malaise that plague modern society.