New York Premiere

50% horror movie, 50% superhero film and 100% Korean thriller, this is one dark, super-powered ride that became a big hit when it was released all about a kid who has the power to control minds and the ordinary joe who’s out to stop him. The directorial debut of Kim Min-Suk, the screenwriter behind The Good, The Bad and the Weird, Haunters is the dizzying lovechild of Unbreakable and The Fugitive, a genre beast that mixes pulse-pounding thrills with gut-wrenching moments like a woman forced to toss her helpless baby in front of a speeding train. This box office hit from Korea shows the dark side of the X-men, portraying a world where the only people with superpowers are psychopaths and it’s up the normal folks to step up and shut them down.

Part of The Sea of Revenge Focus.