Q&A with director Marta Renzi and cast members

A group of friends gather to celebrate the teacher who has been a constant in their lives and whose little country house had been a refuge for them over the years. Choreographer Renzi, a prolific director of shorts, makes an auspicious feature debut using a versatile cast culled from the worlds of film, Broadway, and dance, creating a dreamlike story of friendship told almost entirely through movement. New York theater and dance performer Aileen Passloff appears as a version of herself. New York Premiere

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Julia Metzger-Traber and Davide De Lillis, Germany, 2015, 17m
New York Premiere
Forty years after the end of the Vietnam War, its damaging effects remain. The film follows a group of Vietnamese youths with disabilities as they work with a Berlin-based performing duo to create a performance that testifies to the human ability to flourish even under the most toxic circumstances.