Not merely one of Antonioni’s most underrated masterworks, Identification of a Woman also ranks among the modernist maestro’s most enigmatic and personal films. When an Italian filmmaker (Tomas Milian) is left by his wife, he enters into a passionate, obsessive romance with a younger woman (Daniela Silverio). Shortly after they encounter an impenetrable fog together while en route to his country house, she vanishes without a trace. He then meets a beautiful actress (Christine Boisson), who takes an interest in the whereabouts of the missing woman… Recalling the existential mysteries of Antonioni’s L’avventura and the foreboding mise en scène of Red Desert, the more carnal Identification of a Woman is granted an enticing sharpness of feeling by John Foxx’s synth-y score and Carlo Di Palma’s typically precise camera movements. 35mm print courtesy of Cineteca Nazionale.