Installation and Interactive Presentation

Free and open to the public!

Whether having arrived in the U.S. recently or many generations ago, the millions of immigrants and their descendants who make up our nation have something important in common: unique experiences, aspirations, and stories that deserve—and need—to be told. Immigrant Nation is a new interactive storytelling project designed to collect a vast range of immigrant narratives and experiences and share them with the world. It is comprised of a series of short documentary films, live events that engage diverse communities in telling their individual and collective stories, and an online Interactive Story Hub that enables participants to upload and share their own personal tales. Throughout the opening weekend of NYFF Convergence, iNation installations and roving storytelling stations will be available to festival attendees so they can contribute their stories. The event culminates with a live presentation by creator Theo Rigby about the future of the Immigrant Nation project.

Installation Hours: 1:00pm – 7:00pm