North American Premiere!

Incalcaterra and Quattrini take us deep into the Paraguayan Chaco with this narratively rigorous, fascinating adventure that is at once travel diary, Western, road trip, scientific exploration, and a portrayal of the savagery of capitalist exploitation. During his dictatorship, Stroessner sold to friends huge amounts of land for very little money, land that originally belonged to the Guarani Indians. This is how the filmmaker and his brother, Italians living in Argentina, came to inherit 5,000 hectares in the heart of Paraguayan Chaco. This land is also the reason they became estranged from their father until his death in 1994. Twenty years later, the brothers embark on a quixotic adventure to restore this piece of wilderness teeming with wildlife and precious botanical resources to its original owners.  But the “impenetrable” (as much a geographic as a judiciary term) land seems to be hiding dark forces—in the form of locked gates, bulldozers, armed neighbors—that won’t allow them to advance. Thus starts an intricate suspense story that unwinds with narrative and rhythmical precision to its unexpectedly happy ending.