Jerome Hiler and Nathaniel Dorsky in person!

First Public Screening!
In the Stone House (footage)
Jerome Hiler | 1967-70/2012 | USA | 16mm/18fps | 30m (approx.)

Two Personal Gifts a.k.a. Fool's Spring
Jerome Hiler and Nathaniel Dorsky | 1966-67 | USA | 16mm/18fps | 7m

World Premiere!
Kodachrome Dailies from the Time of Song and Solitude (Reel 1)
Nathaniel Dorsky | USA | 2005-6 | 16mm/18fps | 30m (approx.)

Two companionable masters of contemporary silent film will present a very special program of intimacy and risk usually reserved for invitational sub-rosa, subterranean home viewing. Call it (Koda)chrome Dreams or The Basement Films. The works presented will be projected as unique prints or spliced original reversal stocks. The most recent works have never been shown in public before. This is a night for exhilarating cinema celebrating the poetics of perception in everyday experience. The timing of this program is in honor of the inclusion of Dorsky's The Return (NY premiere at VIEWS NYFF 2011) and Hiler’s Words of Mercury (World Premiere at VIEWS NYFF 2011) in this year’s Biennial of The Whitney Museum of American Art. Both Words of Mercury and The Return made several of the most informed top ten lists of 2011 in national journals. With inspirations deriving from Japanese renga poetry, medieval stained glass, ancient and contemporary music, and a continuum of cinema that embraces Ford, Ozu, Brakhage (and many others), Hiler and Dorsky have each forged a personal language of open confidences, films that are experimental, shorn of narrative fiction, addressing and involving the viewer directly in the adventure of seeing and feeling.

Curated by Mark McElhatten.

In conjunction with this event, Film Society will present free screenings of Oswley Brown III & Jerome Hiler's Music Makes a City: A Lousiville Orchestra Story (2010), for which Nathaniel Dorsky was a key editor, from March 15 – 22 in the Film Center's Amphitheater.