Introduction by producer Fabienne Servan-Schreiber!

In Mondrian’s Studio / Dans l’atelier de Mondrian
François Lévy-Kuentz | 2011 | France | 52m

Creating an exact replica of Mondrian’s famous Paris studio, François Lévy-Kuentz offers some fascinating insights into life and worldview of one of the true masters of modern art. The gradual refining of his art into a medley of blocks of color and harsh black lines paralleled Mondrian’s increasing embrace of an ascetic philosophy concerning humanity’s place in the universe.

Screening with:
Frida Kahlo | Xavier Villetard | 2011 | France | 53m
As public as Mondrian was reclusive, Frida Kahlo, together with her sometime husband Diego Rivera, operated an ongoing salon that welcomed the likes of Eisenstein, Trotsky and Andre Breton, not to mention the cream of Mexican artists and intellectuals. Yet her public face masked the deep emotions that run through her painting. Xavier Villetard brings these two sides of Frida Kahlo together in this perceptive portrait of her life and art that includes some very rare footage of Kahlo, Rivera and their amazing circle.