Director Nadav Schirman in person on September 28!

Israeli filmmaker Nadav Schirman has crafted a quiet, carefully composed, riveting film about Magdalena Kopp, the woman who acquired international renown when she became the co-revolutionary, lover, and then wife of the international terrorist Carlos and mother of his child. On the one hand, this is a fascinating non-fiction companion piece to Olivier Assayas’ Carlos: many of the people upon whom the characters in the Assayas film were based appear here, including Hans-Joachim Klein (aka Angie), Johannes Weinrich, and the infamous defender of scoundrels and war criminals Jacques Vergès. On the other hand, this is a sobering and disturbing look at a woman recalling her own semi-conscious resignation from either agency or ambition, who allowed herself to be subsumed by some of the most powerful ideological currents of the time without actually believing in them, and who found herself living in the shadow of a mass-murderer.

Travel support generously provided by the Consulate General of Israel.