In the Eye of the Spiral details an artistic and philosophical movement born in Haiti called Spiralism, which has spread across the arts, touching upon spirituality (including voodoo and African ancestry) and even politics. The film sheds light on the state of a country hit by corruption and natural disaster, as well as the incredible will of Haitian artists who decided to produce art as a personal form of redemption and survival. With its striking imagery detailing the colors and flavors of Haiti, In the Eye of the Spiral reveals another side of the country through the fascinating voices of some of its most successful native artists. Featuring the poised and authoritative narration of Annie Lennox and the music of Brian Eno.

Screening with:

About a Mother
Dina Velikovskaya, Russia, 2015, 8m
Russian with English subtitles
Dina Velikovskaya’s animated short is about a mother who has given so much that it seems as if she has nothing left… until life opens up new opportunities.