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Into the Gyre follows the journey of a team of scientists searching for plastic pollution in the remote Saragasso Sea. Run by the Sea Education Association (SEA), this unprecedented expedition measured the amount of plastic in the Atlantic Ocean and studied its effects on marine ecosystems, with surprising results.

Screening with:
Nicolás Entel | 2013 | 30m

Yasuni explores what is at the heart of Ecuador's Yasuni-ITT Initiative, which aims to protect Yasuni National Park from oil exploitation. This documentary was born from a need to provide all indigenous communities that call Yasuni their home a legitimate voice.

Carbon for Water
Evan Abramson & Carmen Elsa Lopez | USA | 2011 | 22m

In just five weeks, an innovative company using carbon credits for financing gave 4.5 million people in Kenya’s Western Province access to safe drinking water in this award-winning documentary.