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To celebrate the release of Drive, He Said through Sony Pictures Choice Collection, we'll be giving away other great DVD titles from the collection at this screening: Anatomy of a Murder, Experiment in Terror, Fat City, Mickey One, Neighbors, The Spanish Prisoner.

Drive, He Said
Jack Nicholson | USA | 1970 | 90m

Nicholson cast two unknowns—William Tepper as a conflicted college basketball star and Michael Margotta as his unbalanced campus radical roommate—in this lucid and zeitgeist vision of American disenchantment. An anarchic mix of basketball, sex, guerilla theater, draft dodging and freakouts co-starring Nicholson cohorts Bruce Dern, Karen Black, Robert Towne and Henry Jaglom.

​Goin’ South
Jack Nicholson | USA | 1978 | 108m

In this antic Western comedy, third-rate bandit Nicholson is reprieved from the gallows—provided he marry property-owning spinster Mary Steenbergen, who needs someone to mine for gold. Meanwhile his old gang hang around, looking to cash in. Terrific supporting cast—Christopher Lloyd, John Belushi, Danny DeVito, Veronica Cartwright—and camerawork by the great Nestor Alemendros.