What is life like in a place where the anti-abortion movement has made access to legal abortion almost impossible? Since the ruling in Roe v. Wade over four decades ago, the self-labeled “pro-life” movement has won significant legal, cultural, and political battles. Now, the stigma of abortion is prolific in the American South, leaving women in poverty and women of color particularly vulnerable. Set against the backdrop of the fight over the last abortion clinic in Mississippi, Jackson takes a close look inside the issues surrounding the right to choose.

“An intimate, riveting film—and a very brave piece of truth-telling about the reality of abortion, from all sides of the issue, within the microcosm of Jackson.” – Meghan Rhoad, Researcher, Women’s Rights Division

Q&A with Maisie Crow, producer Jamie Boyle, and film subject Shannon Brewer, and David Brown, Staff Attorney and member of the legal team challenging Texas’ clinic shutdown law, Center for Reproductive Rights, moderated by Meghan Rhoad, U.S. researcher, Women’s Rights division, HRW