“Men! The minute we’re alone, he just wants to kiss me!” So declares a 16-year-old Taylor in a scene from director Jack Conway’s raucous romantic comedy, which features the actress’s first on-screen kiss (with Peter Lawford). In the fifth of her eight screen pairings with co-star Walter Pidgeon, the splendid Greer Garson stars as a second-rate London dancehall actress who travels to France to attend the wedding of her estranged daughter (Taylor), inciting a series of wildly farcical complications involving a Machiavellian mother-in-law (Lucile Watson), an amorous acrobat (Cesar Romero) and a not-quite-ex-husband (Pidgeon).

Please note: We will be screening a 16mm archive print which cannot be cut and mounted onto one reel. There will be brief pauses for reel changes.