WATCH AT YOUR OWN RISK! Talk about out-of-left-field. This omnibus of strange and harrowing stories connected by vagabond characters at various levels of moral bankruptcy revolves around the same KFC location. The fast food icon is an embedded metaphor linking to the film’s most gruesome transgression (and that’s saying something!). A sick doctor and his twisted cohorts attack random people and ultimately cannibalize them. The doctor’s own rotund young son has grown accustomed to the taste of human flesh and gleefully tries to share it with street kids, who have already run afoul of an assortment of evil creeps. Rendering this whole affair even more head-scratching is its art-house-leanings, combining an ethereal ennui and anomie with raw, visceral savagery. It’s really sick in most parts, but what makes it unforgettable is the sheer talent of its director, and the ineradicable sense of profundity throughout.