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Parallels have long existed between the video game and film industries: huge studios that produce billion-dollar franchises, games that adopt a cinematic look and presentation of narrative, and now independent creators that eschew larger houses to strike out alone, building and distributing original games to great success. Presented in collaboration with Kill Screen Magazine, these dialogues seek to offer a forum for the hottest indie game creators and filmmakers to gather and discuss the art and craft of storytelling in this unique medium with a monthly conversation hosted by the editors and writers at one of the nation’s top game culture publications.

Zach Gage, Creator of SpellTower (July 17)

The Kill Screen Dialogues roll on with NYT-acclaimed game designer Zach Gage. Gage is a designer, programmer, educator, and conceptual artist from New York City. His work explores the increasingly blurring line between the physical and the digital. Currently in Residence at Eyebeam, he has exhibited internationally at venues like the Venice Biennale, the New York MoMA, FutureEverything in Manchester, and the Centre for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle in Warsaw. We'll be looking at games from his collection including iOS hit SpellTower.

Navid Khonsari, Director of Production for Grand Theft Auto III (August 14)

A tale of urban revenge, Grand Theft Auto III set the stage for all future iterations of this blockbuster franchise and ignited a national debate about violence off and on the small screen.  GTA III redefined how video games should look and feel and won praise for its complex and engaging narrative and vast, explorable world.  Now celebrating its 15th anniversary, join director of production turned documentary filmmaker Navid Khonsari for a discussion of the genre defining project. 

Kellee Santiagoformer president of thatgamecompany, on Flower Journey (June 12)

The first edition of the Kill Screen Dialogues was held on June 12.  Part panel presentation, part game play-through, KSD brings together video game creators and filmmakers to discuss their art and craft and the often surprising parallels in how they engage audiences and tell stories.  The kick-off event featured game designer Kellee Santiago, writer/producer Brian Clark, and Kill Screen founder Jamin Warren.

Santiago is the former president of thatgamecompany and producer of the dynamic critical hits Flower and Journey.  Originally released in 2009, Flower quickly became a critical darling, garnering positive reviews from leading game critics and players as well as landing on multiple “best of” lists before going on to be awarded a BAFTA for Artistic Achievement.  Players assume the role of the wind itself and are tasked with moving a single flower petal through multiple environments, from dry colorless fields to imposing city-scapes, along the way creating something better described as an immersive experience then what many would consider a traditional video game.  Clark is the founder of GMD Studios and co-founder of indieWIRE, Brian Clark has been at the forefront of the independent film scene for well over a decade. GMD Studios has created digital experiments, campaigns and games that flow seamlessly between the virtual world and the real world such as Art of the Heist and Eldritch Errors.