Q&A with actor Nick Damici!

The ever-reliable character actor Nick Damici (Cold in July, Dark Was the Night, also screening here) has never been so commanding as he is in Late Phases—in a rare lead role, playing quite older than his years as Ambrose, a hard-ass blind Vietnam vet who moves to a retirement home after the death of his wife. On his first day in his new “safe” haven, Ambrose finds a mysterious claw embedded in the wallpaper, and things go rapidly haywire from there. He’s mauled in a strange animal attack that leaves his friendly neighbor dead—and it turns out these attacks are a monthly occurrence, synchronized to the full moon… A thematic departure and the first English-language film for Mexico-based, Argentina-born director Adrián García Bogliano (Here Comes the Devil), this satisfying chiller is not to be missed. An MPI/Dark Sky Films release.