Luk Yee-sum, Pang Ho-cheung’s screenwriting collaborator, offers a saucy, sincere, and nonjudgmental spin on the coming-of-age story. Virginal and nerdy Tracy (Kwok Yik-sum) moves into an apartment owned by Alice (Fish Liew), who sells sex via WeChat. Tracy’s friend Chloe (Mak Tsz-yi) also moves in with the pair and bonds with Alice over their shared side business. Tracy wants sexual experience so she can pursue Andrew (Tse Sit-chun), a hunky jock that all the girls have eyes for, but she gets cold feet about joining the trade until she meets Raymond (Gregory Wong), who wants her services for a month. Beautifully shot, Lazy Crazy Hazy mixes roiling emotions, frank depictions of teenage sexuality, and a side of Hong Kong rarely seen into an incredibly smart (and sometimes blunt) film about relationships between young women on the verge of modern urban adulthood. Presented with the support of Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in New York.