While on a weekend camping trip on a remote beach, an unhappy suburban couple show little respect for the environment and encounter the bizarre but karmic vengeance of the outback. Worlds removed from monstrous creature features like Jaws, Long Weekend is a stark, unsettling, and nail-bitingly intense work of natural horror in which the critters are unassuming and the vulgar and toxically codependent human protagonists are almost entirely unsympathetic. Eggleston delivers both a thrilling genre film and a devastating takedown of environmental abuse. Restoration courtesy of Umbrella Entertainment and the American Genre Film Archive.

“I love this WTF revenge-of-nature Australian movie from ‘the ’70s,’ and of course when I say ‘the ’70s’ I don’t mean just the decade but that period of now unusual, radical they-don’t-make-’em-like-that-anymore movies. We saw this during the writing stage. It’s just our kind of thing… It’s actually a little movie shot big on Panavision, a marriage horror story set on a beautiful beach. I always thought this might have led Lars von Trier to make Antichrist.”—Kleber Mendonça Filho 

“A couple on a desert island. Nature here is objectively a single organism that reacts physically  to successive abuses. Probably the craziest movie in this selection, and undoubtedly one of the most fun.”—Juliano Dornelles