50th Anniversary Screening! Teresa Rovira-Beleta, daughter of director Francisco Rovira-Beleta, in person!

A classic flamenco drama inspired by Romeo and Juliet and possibly West Side Story, Los Tarantos is characterized by a sexy, gritty, Catalan gitano style of dancing and marks the final appearance of the legendary Carmen Amaya in the role of Angustias. The star-crossed lovers are Sara Lezana and the mesmerizing Antonio Gades, best remembered for his dancing (and acting) in Carlos Saura’s flamenco trilogy that began with Carmen. The film was nominated for the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film in 1963 and has not been shown for many years. To celebrate this occasion, Maria Esteve, a well-known actress and the daughter of the iconic Gades will make a personal appearance at the screening.

Screening with:
Ludivine Large-Bessette | 2012 | France | 18m 
What starts as an embrace evolves into a sensual duet.