Meet the residents of Los Angeles’ Skid Row as they prove to the world – you don’t need a roof over your head to build a community. Los Angeles, California has been designated the homeless capital of America, with an estimated 48,000 individuals living on the streets. Lost Angels brings us into part of the city that many chose to ignore – downtown’s Skid Row.  The community’s residents include a former Olympic runner, a transgendered punk rocker, and an eccentric animal lover and her devoted companion. Their remarkable stories paint a multifaceted portrait of life lived on the streets. Residents face undeniable challenges, including mental illness and addiction, with hope and a strong sense of community. Lost Angels serves as a scathing condemnation of the ‘Safer Cities Initiative’, which seeks to reduce crime in the area. Residents feel that the policy targets the low-income and homeless population in an effort to pave the way for gentrification. Passionate, polemic, and generous in spirit, Lost Angels reveals a unique vitality to life on Skid Row and an inspiring resilience in those who live there.

PLEASE NOTE: Unfortunately, director Thomas Napper will not be attending the festival.

Presented in partnership with Picture the Homeless