In 2010, Pang Ho-cheung’s Love in a Puff saw two people meet in the alley behind their office during smoke breaks and fall in love. Shot quickly, with a sharp-edged script, and featuring two likeable stars—Miriam Yeung (Hong Kong’s comedy queen) and Shawn Yue (Infernal Affairs 2)—the breezy film became an unlikely hit. This semi-sequel examines what happens after as the two lovebirds try to make their relationship work. When we last saw beauty-product salesgirl Cherie (Yeung) and ad-man Jimmy (Yue), everything was hearts and flowers. But now they are living together and driving each other nuts, so they start a cycle of breaking up and getting back together again. Soon work has them moving north to Beijing, both with new relationships. Despite the assurance that the city’s size will stop them from ever running into each other, they manage to anyway—and suddenly they’re cheating on their partners. They still argue like crazy, but the kids can’t help it: they’re in love. Unlike the sloppy, lazy “romantic” comedies coming out of Hollywood these days, Love in the Buff is a movie that believes in true love, but it also knows that it takes more than a musical montage and a race to the train station to achieve it. Real love is worth fighting for, and here, the two leads fight for it with everything they’ve got. Presented with the support of Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in New York.