In person: Director Nicolas Klotz in person on March 4!

Off partying one night, a group of students interrupt their revels to become involved in a protest against the clearing of some squats. The march explodes into a full-scale confrontation with the police; in the confusion that follows, Carmen catches sight of Hussain, a young Afghan poet. The couple begins an intense affair, baring their souls to each other as they try to imagine the world in which they’d want to live while waiting for a decision on Hussain’s application for asylum. Co-directors Klotz and Perceval (Heartbeat Detector) eerily anticipate the spirit of the worldwide “Occupy” movement that filled so many of last year’s headlines; but like the young people in Bresson’s The Devil, Probably, their characters’s protest goes beyond specific issues to encompass a general revolt of the human spirit against a heartless world.