After a mental breakdown triggered by a martyr-like devotion to his abusive and ill mother (Elaine Jin), Tung (Shawn Yue) undergoes a year of psychiatric rehabilitation and re-enters an uncaring society under the care of his estranged father (Eric Tsang), a truck driver who abandoned his family. They live in a subdivided flat with an eclectic mix of struggling neighbors, sharing a bunkbed and a folding table. A far cry from his previous job and social status as a rising investment banker—high pay, high stress—Tung and his father struggle in an unforgiving world. In 1973, Chor Yuen’s The House of 72 Tenants kickstarted a new era of proud, local Hong Kong cinema. Decades later, Wong Chun’s dramatic, heartfelt directorial debut promises the same but in a much harsher reality, stripped of the former film’s nostalgia and sense of community. Q&A with director Wong Chun, screenwriter Florence Chan, and actor Eric Tsang, who will receive the NYAFF 2017 Star Hong Kong Lifetime Achievement AwardNew York Premiere. Hong Kong Economic & Trade (HKETO) Reception – By invitation only.

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