Q&A with Chris Gude

In this experimental road movie, director Chris Gude (Mambo Cool) follows two smugglers attempting to cross into Colombia from Venezuela. As the men drive across the sun-soaked terrain of the Guajira peninsula, occasionally stopping off to wander or play pool in the lonely ruins of abandoned buildings, their journey comes to symbolize a search for an idealized land. Gesturing toward Colombia’s colonial legacy (such as when the pair listen to a Hugo Chávez radio broadcast about Simón Bolívar), this beautifully photographed film gives the viewer ample room to ponder questions of space and identity. U.S. Premiere

Screening with:
The Mouth / La Bouche
Camilo Restrepo, France, 2017, 19m
Susu with English subtitles
Following his 2016 film Cilaos, Restrepo again experiments with the musical genre in a film that uses radical aesthetics as a means of standing up to social injustice. U.S. Premiere