Marie Lindqvist has been a principal dancer with the Royal Swedish Ballet for over 20 years, performing lead roles in both classical and modern ballets to great acclaim. The filmmaker closely follows her subject for the last four years of her dancing career, capturing her thoughts and her down-to-earth personality in rehearsal, onstage, on the road, and at a star-studded gala. Choreographers Mats Ek and Marcia Haydée create roles for her, and Lindqvist comes across as a dedicated artist and  consummate professional eager to make the transition from dancer to whatever comes next on her own terms. A national treasure in her own country, she deserves to be better known around the world.  

Screening with:

Broken Memory
Tomoko Mikanagi, Japan, 2016, 4m
Miki Orihara, best known as a principal dancer with the Martha Graham company, is seen in a solo she choreographed for herself against a backdrop of skyscrapers at sunset.