This is a detailed portrait of the famous French-born dancer-choreographer (1927-2007), who brought a distinctive theatrical flair to his ballet and opera productions. Best known for his sensual tabletop ballet set to Maurice Ravel’s “Bolero,” Béjart connected with audiences through a diverse blend of traditions. The filmmakers explore his life and creative output via dance excerpts, which include a glimpse of the young Suzanne Farrell; archival material of his family; and recent interviews with dancers and co-workers. U.S. Premiere

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The Mime Marcel Marceau
Dominique Delouche, France, 2018, 52m
World Premiere
Filmmaker Dominique Delouche shot this footage of the famous mime in 1964, but it was not until 2017 that he was able to acquire the image rights to edit and digitalize the film. Marceau (1923-2017) brought the art of mime from its roots in kabuki and commedia dell’arte to a level of brilliance previously unrealized. The film is composed of brief sketches shot during Marceau’s lifetime: his iconic creation “Bip,” always on the run from cops; the Mask Merchant; and the Seven Deadly Sins. Inspired by Chaplin, Marceau in turn inspired Michael Jackson, who makes a cameo appearance.