Giddens’s highly anticipated second feature is the opposite of You Are the Apple of My Eye (NYAFF 2012), though both share a similarly young and beautiful cast, striking visuals, and the idea that the kids are not quite all right. This time the kids are seriously, seriously messed up. Lin Shu-wei (Deng Yu-kai) is the ideal target for class bullies: a meek, straight-A student, he endures the worst humiliations. Framed by bully-in-chief and handsome-without-a-heart Ren-Hao (Kent Tsai), he is unjustly assigned to hours of community service. Ren-hao and his partners in mayhem, Guo-feng (Lai Jun-Cheng) and Wei-zhu (Tao Bo-meng), see the punishment as another opportunity for mischief, until they stumble upon two flesh-eating female ghouls. After they decide it would be cool to own their very own monster, keeping her alive with a steady stream of Yu-kai’s blood, they get buyer’s remorse. Things only get gorier from there. North American Premiere.

Presented with the support of the Taipei Cultural Center of TECO in New York