This could very well be the spectacular action-movie swan song for Hong Kong actress Kara Wai. An amazing icon of 1970s and 1980s Shaw Brothers films, she’s reunited with Ho Yuhang, with whom she worked on the celebrated 2009 drama At the End of Daybreak. Whatever the eponymous Mrs. K might have been, she isn’t anymore. Comfortably settled in her role as loving housewife, she lives a suburban existence focused on her family—her gynecologist husband (Taiwan rocker Wu Bai) and her daughter (Siow Li Xuan). She is slowly easing into the idle pleasures of semi-retirement. But her peace is short-lived: a former associate (Simon Yam) from Macau has found her in her exile and is seeking retribution for a past misdeed. To save her kidnapped daughter, Mrs. K will have to return to her former bad-ass self.