Director Erin Greenwell and cast members Rachel Style, Ashlie Atkinson, Raul Castillo, Harris Doran, Robert Salerno, Haley Murphy, Sonora Chase and Hunt Block in person July 28!

Karen can’t believe that she has to work her receptionist gig on a gorgeous Fourth of July. Then a call comes in from her long-lost father, setting in motion a crazy chain of events that will change one small town forever. Meanwhile, her co-worker Megan must decide between the stability of her longtime girlfriend and the thrill of a new love. Filmmaker Erin Greenwell confidently juggles multiple quirky plots, serving up a charming slice of Americana that’s both subversive and sunny.

Screening with:
Alex Bohs | 2011 | USA | 7m

Noun: One of two equal parts that together constitute a whole.