Wonderful things can sometimes come in very small packages, as this prize-winning selection of provocative short films from France amply demonstrates. See tomorrow’s auteurs today!

Burners / Brûleurs | Farid Bentoumi | 2011 | France | 15m
Departing Oran with his new camcorder in hand, Amine, a young Algerian, tracks his and his friends’ boat journey across the Mediterranean.

Autonomy: 12 Hours / 12 heures d’autonomie | Christophe Tobin M’B | 2010 | France | 19m
Rudy, a young thief, is approached by Gael, an underage fugitive who is miopathic and moves about in a heavy electric wheel chair. Gael, whose breathing aid has only 12 hours of battery life, joins Rudy in his wanderings and soon asks him for a favor. 

My Sweetheart / Mon Amoureux | Daniel Metge | 2011 | France | 22m
Roman is my love. We French kiss, will marry and have children. We’ll even have sex. But this is forbidden at Eglantine, so on Saturday my sister will pick us up and take us to the countryside.

Nijinsky 1912 | Christiane Comte | 2011 | France | 3m
Reconstruction of a lost Nijinsky film based on historic footage. 

A Real Eye Opener / Les Yeux de la tete | Pierre Mousquet and Jerome Cauwe | 2011 | France | 7m
While playing golf in France, an American actor gets hit in the face and loses one eye.  But he can count on the excellent European medicine and the emergence of Chinese economy to recover.

The Last Caravan | Foued Mansour | 2012 | France | 16m
On a small construction site lost in the middle of nowhere, three workers receive the dreaded visit of a representative of their employer.

Elvis of Nazareth | Ranni Massalha | 2011 | France | 16m
A street boy of Nazareth develops a friendship with a 72 year-old man who imagines himself to be Elvis.