Free and open to the public! Tickets are not required for admission into the theater for these programs. Seating will be first come, first serve on a space-available basis.  The shorts program will run on loop in the Film Center Amphitheater on November 30 from 2:00pm  5:40pm and December 1 from 4:15pm  7:35pm. Director Tudor Giurgiu in person for November 30 screening!

The best of the newest short films include, among others, the hilarious 3-minute animation The Scream (Edvard Munch's famous canvas meets Pink Floyd!), the slick, Moebius strip-like Infinite Minutes and this year's Cannes Critics Week selection A Family Dinner.

Another Christmas/Un alt Crăciun. Tudor Giurgiu, 2012, Romania; 15m
A boy is waiting for his parents to come back from Italy, to spend Christmas together. He hasn’t seen them for a year. On this Christmas, he must face the major crisis of his life: Is there a Santa Claus or not?

Blu. Nicolae Constantin Tănase, 2011, Romania; 20m
The old car of the family breaks down and Mara and her parents try to fix it so that they can get home. But more important than the broken engine becomes their relationship.

Daddy Rulz/Tatăl meu e cel mai tare. Radu Potcoavă, 2012, Romania; 29m
Andrei (13) sets up a score with the neighborhood hotshot, his role-model when it comes to street life. His father quickly finds out about it. He knows what to do in order to save his son. Even if this means confronting again the ghosts from his own past…

Family Dinner/Cină în familie. Ştefan Constantinescu, 2012, Sweden; 15m
Maja is exchanging kinky messages on her mobile phone from the bathtub while her husband and daughter are impatiently waiting for her to have a family dinner.

Hello Kitty. Millo Simulov, 2012, Romania; 24m
An unforgettable summer at the seaside with the best of friends. Nothing stands in their way.

Infinite Minutes/Minute Infinite. Cecilia Felméri, 2011, Romania/Hungary; 19m
During a summer afternoon, a person spills coffee on himself, another feeds pigeons, another kills a bee, another dies, another copies patterns, another listens to the radio, another makes a phone call…and something might connect them all.

The Scream/Ţipătul. Sebastian Cosor, 2011, Romania; 3m
Edvard Munch's famous canvas meets Pink Floyd psychedelia.