The first of two Nick Carter films Tourneur directed for MGM is a zippy, action-packed mystery starring Walter Pidgeon as the unflappable dime-novel super-sleuth who goes undercover at an airplane factory to track down spies stealing industry-revolutionizing aeronautical secrets. Laced with hints of the shadowy menace the director would unleash fully in his genre-redefining Val Lewton films, this briskly entertaining programmer features impressive aerial stunts (including a tailspin edited into a startlingly experimental montage sequence), outré antics from Donald Meek as a wannabe-criminologist beekeeper, and a bullet-riddled plane vs. boat climax—all in under an hour! Print courtesy of the British Film Institute.

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Jacques Tourneur, USA, 1944, 35mm, 11m
Produced for the United States Public Health Service during World War II, this docu-narrative dramatizes the training and work of cadet nurses.

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