Director Michael Roemer and cinematographer Robert M. Young in person!

A true landmark of American cinema, Nothing But a Man brought to fiction filmmaking the look and style of the new “cinema vérité” documentary, from which both director Michael Roemer (The Plot Against Harry) and cinematographer Robert M. Young emerged. The film follows the relationship between the African-Americans Duff Anderson (Ivan Dixon) and Josie Dawson (Abby Lincoln). Duff decides it’s time to settle down with Josie, but her father, the local preacher, is opposed to the match. The two marry anyway, and then are forced to confront a host of problems, from illegitimate children to unemployment, racism and Duff’s drunken father. While never ignoring the social background, the film presents Duff and Josie as fully fleshed-out, complex and contradictory individuals, not merely archetypes or symbols. Nothing But a Man was added to the National Film Registry in 1993. A Cinema Conservancy Release of a Cinedigm/New Video Film. Restored by Library of Congress Packard Campus for Audio Visual Conservation.