Directors Ari Aster, Georgia Oakley, Cainen Baladez, Fernanda Chicolet, Cainen Baladez, Hu Wei and producers Ahsen Nadeem and Selen Usanmaz in person!

Subconscious Password
Chris Landreth | Canada | 2013 | 11m

Charles’ subconscious plays games with him as he tries to remember an acquaintance’s name.

Ari Aster | USA | 2013 | 15m

An actress provides a hilarious tour of her privileged but dysfunctional world.

Georgia Oakley | UK | 2013 | 9m

Plagued by imaginary terrors, Freya cannot keep her demons at bay in this wild mix of live action and animation.

Carny / Animador
Fernanda Chicolet | Brazil | 2012 | 20m

Ligia’s psyche escapes the dullness of her daily routine in the form of a rabbit at an amusement park, in danger-filled dreams that betray the flip side of her passive nature.

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Uncle Şeref and His Shadow / Şeref Dayı ve Gölgesi
Buğra Dedeoğlu | Turkey | 2013 | 15m

In a moment of anger Şeref berates his shadow, which promptly walks out on him.

Butter Lamp / La lampe au beurre de yak
Hu Wei | France | 2013| 15m

Families of Tibetan nomads get their pictures taken against an array of exotic scenic backdrops.

Jillian Mayer and Lucas Leyva | USA | 2012 | 12m

A musical satire of preparations for the singularity, based on the theories of Ray Kurzweil.