Directors Damien Chazelle, Michael Almereyda, Jonathan Romney and Nicolas Saada in person!

Damien Chazelle | USA | 2013 | 18m

In this wild and intense new film from the director of Guy and Madeline on a Park Bench, a young jazz drummer (Johnny Simmons) beats his brains out trying to please his unforgiving conservatory instructor (J.K. Simmons – no relation).

The Man Who Came Out Only At Night
Michael Almereyda | USA | 2013 | 15m

Michael Almereyda’s wry adaptation of Italo Calvino’s folktale, shot in the East Village in black and white, is about a man (James Ransone) who marries the youngest of three sisters (India Kotis), and shares a very strange secret with her on their wedding night.

Jonathan Romney | UK | 2013 | 20m

A young man (Stephen Mangan) goes to see an Italian movie from the 60s with his wife (Amanda Ryan) and is confronted with a strange apparition: an extra, who appears to be his doppelganger, haunting the edges of the frame.

Nicolas Saada | France | 2012 | 8m

The end of the world as experienced by a young mother (played by Bérenice Béjo from The Artist) in Paris. She finds herself face to face with a silent, menacing prophet played by the great documentary filmmaker Frederick Wiseman.