A collection of five short films transport us from 1930s Czechoslovakia to a contemporary Tel Aviv museum. In Mr. Bernstein (Francine Zuckerman, Canada, 2015, 12m), when Debbie hears of her father’s life-changing musical experience in a refugee camp, she tracks down the famous conductor years later, with unexpected consequences. In Home Movie (Caroline Pick, UK, 2013, 17m), filmmaker Caroline Pick uses footage that her father shot from the 1930s to 1960s to look back at her family’s past in Czechoslovakia and Britain, gradually unearthing the story that her parents hid. Eleven-year-old Tamal, overweight and a victim to bullying, develops a unique coping mechanism in Vow (Netalie Braun, Israel, 2015, 28m), a darkly funny portrayal of an adolescent in crisis. As Uri prepares for his wedding, he relives memories of his parents’ cancerous relationship In Lamps Lit on the Towpath (Efim Graboy, Vitali Friedland, Israel, 2016, 23m). In Hounds (Omer Tobi, Israel, 2015, 30m), Iris, a museum security guard, faces an ethical dilemma following a terrible accident on the day of her long-awaited promotion.