Panel discussion to follow with artist Zoe Beloff, filmmaker Jem Cohen, Jon Dieringer (Occupy Cinema), and Matt Peterson (Red Channels). Moderated by Rachael Rakes, film editor of The Brooklyn Rail.

The Occupy Wall Street demonstrations, for all their 21st-century trappings, belong to a long lineage of grassroots protest movements and social uprisings. The same goes for the film and video documents that emerged from OWS. Organized in collaboration with Occupy Cinema, a collective that presented screenings at Zuccotti Park and staged their own moving-image interventions, this program presents several observational pieces shot in and around the protests—including newsreels by filmmaker Jem Cohen (Museum Hours)—alongside a selection of kindred historical documents, including films by the Newsreel activist collective of the ’60s.

Jack Smith, Scotch Tape (1959/62, 3 min)
Newsreel, The Case Against Lincoln Center (1968, 12 min)
Newsreel, Garbage (1968, 10 min)
Newsreel, Mill-in (1968, 12 min)
Red Channels/Glass Bead Collective, From Wall Street to Wall Street to Wall Street (2011, 4 min)
Jem Cohen, Gravity Hill Newsreels (2011, 6 min)
Occupy Cinema, Occupy Cinema at Charging Bull (2011, 8 min)
Zoe Beloff, excerpt from The Days of the Commune (2012)