7:30 Oki’s Movie (80m)
Toggling between the present and the past, reality and fiction, this deeply felt work from Hong recounts the amorous and artistic adventures of a talented young director, his middle-aged cinema instructor, and the woman (the titular Oki) who loves them both. A pivotal film for Hong, Oki’s Movie realizes a shift in his work toward emphasizing and exploring a female point of view—a movement that culminates in the film’s fourth and final segment, in which we finally see Oki’s movie, which dramatizes her relationships with both men.

9:00 In Another Country (89m)
The figure of the doppelgänger, a frequent motif in Hong’s oeuvre, receives one of its most radical treatments in this breezy vacation comedy. Isabelle Huppert stars as three different women—a French filmmaker, a philanderer, and a divorcée, respectively—who, across three discrete but overlapping stories, each visit a seaside resort town and each encounter a Korean filmmaker (Kwon Hae-hyo), his pregnant wife (Moon So-ri), and an amorous lifeguard (Yoo Joon-sang). At once a structurally complex exercise in narrative repetition and a charming, lively comedy of misunderstanding and desire, In Another Country is one of the funniest and most surprising installments in Hong’s body of work.